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“Best-selling authors and renowned astrologers Amy Zerner and Monte Farber, partnered with ice cream brand Serendipity Brands and pinpointed exactly what popular ice cream flavor matches the distinct personalities of the 12 zodiac signs.”
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“Whether or not you live near Serendipity 3 in New York, a spot famous for its frozen hot chocolate, you can buy the brand’s seven new ice cream pints at 7-Elevens nationwide. We suggest Birthday Cake if you love the sweet taste of frosting and sprinkles or Humble Pie if you believe there’s no such thing as too much peanut butter and chocolate.”
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“How much does an iconic brand name matter when competing in a crowded category? The owners of New York City’s famous Serendipity 3 — which boasts of famous customers such as Andy Warhol, Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey and featured heavily in a 2001 romantic comedy of the same name — will find out.”
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“The brightly packaged pints come in eight different flavors, including the classic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. It’s made true to the original drink—which has been served more than 25 millions times—with a hot chocolate flavored ice cream, whipped cream swirl and chocolate shavings.”
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“Until recently, the only way to get Serendipity 3’s famous “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” was by heading into New York City, where the iconic restaurant has been serving indulgent frozen drinks, sundaes, and more since 1954. (Or to Boca Raton, where another Serendipity outpost remains open.) However, that all changes today as Serendipity Brands launches a new line of ice cream inspired by the restaurant’s famous desserts—and they’re available now in participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide.”
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“2001’s “Serendipity” was a meet-cute film that explored the themes of fate and finding “the one.” The Kate Beckinsale-John Cusack film also spawned real life lineups around the block at Serendipity 3, the Upper East Side cafe where their characters meet up for a “Frozen Hot Chocolate.””
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